Lemonade – Day 2

Lemonade Inspiration

Today’s inspiration is lemonade, since we’re havin’ a heat wave! Icy,tangy, sweet, doesn’t get much better. Sue found this amazing pitcher and glass set for ‘next to nothing’ which probably means about five bucks. How can you not love the lemon-and-lime love? I pulled out some of my April Cornell linens. Remember them? They were one of my favorite stores! I was SO SAD when they closed down but have a pretty nice stock of design delights.

Full table

LOVE the polka dots! Since its so hot its time to eat outside by the pond. Piling the bench and chairs with cushy pillows, there was so much pattern that the table demanded some sanity. Instead of the usual printed cloth I opted for a small cotton blanket that has hearts woven into it. My daughter used to cuddle on the couch with it until she grew too tall : ) It was the perfect background to the Fiesta ware. And there’s fringe, honey…fringe. (Extra credit points if you know the movie the fringe line came from!)

Now comes the fun. The bright yellow plates are vintage 50’s fiesta. The woman from whom I bought them was selling her mother’s dishes that were wedding presents back in the early 50’s. She couldn’t lift them any more so it was time they moved on to a new home. That home was mine and I think about her every time I use these. The lime green bowls and vases are newer (post 86) Fiesta. I bought the lime green for my daughter when she was still in high school, with the thought that some day she’d be moving out and needing to set up her own kitchen.  HER favorite way to pair them up is with orange and some of the most hideous glassware ever…but we’ll get to see that later.

Up close and yummy


The small yellow bowls are actually an IKEA find, every now and then they have some really cool color basic ceramic for about 59 cents and that’s what these were! I bought them because A) they were cheap B) they were cute and C) they matched an imported  french vase I had found on sale at Williams Sonoma. I ended up using them as my color inspiration for my kitchen when I decided to go french country. You just never know where your inspiration will come from…


Time to eat, drink and be merry!

The bowl the lemons are in was a recent find at the Alameda Flea market. I saw this on a table of goodies and when I picked it up the woman working at the booth said “I don’t care what the sticker says, three bucks and its yours!”. Apparently she was determined not to take this home so I did.

The silverware came from Sur la Table, a birthday present from my mom when I said I didn’t have ‘neutral’ silverware one day (thanks mom!). The napkins are vintage and the clear glassware came from Salvation Army in an amazing story that I’ll tell another time : )

And the lemons, lemonade and lemon bars…all from Sue’s tree. Eat up and stay cool.

Tomorrow: Holy heat, Batman!

364 Days to go (still….just realized that 2012 is a leap year!)

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